Flying Swiss 1v1 Tournament [FS 01/2023]

Hi all,

it is time for the 4th edition of the Flying Swiss: A relatively fast 1v1 tournament with Swiss rules - the turn deadline is 28 hours.

Reply by January 28 (Saturday) to sign up for the 1v1 fun on a fixed timeline! There’s a maximum capacity of 16 players or any even number of players below. Please only participate if you can commit to playing four to five subsequent 1v1 games for up to three weeks each and submit turns at least twice per day for the most part (see timeline and new rules further below). If you are not a Premium player, make sure you have an account with one free game slot for the tournament games.

For the uninitiated: 1v1s are a fun challenge for new NP2 players and veterans alike. You will face off on an epic mirrored map with no experimentation so you have the exact same starting position as your opponent. No diplomacy - instead it’s 100% strategy and game theory. It’s turn-based with only two players, so games can move along quickly.

There will be four rounds to determine the two top players of the tournament who will fight for the title of Flying 1v1 Champion in the finals. Each round has a time-limit (21 days) and if a game hasn’t concluded in time, the tournament master (yours truly) will determine the points for the tournament based on various factors (e.g., stars, ships, wait times - see rules below). In each subsequent round, players will play others who have similar results in the tournament so far.


  • 01/28 Sign-ups
  • 02/18 Round 1
  • 03/11 Round 2
  • 04/01 Round 3
  • 04/22 Round 4

New game links will be provided for the subsequent round after each deadline. Once game links are up, players have 72 hours to join, otherwise the game will be forfeited.

Settings will be 28/7 style (essentially a fast-start). Important changes compared to “normal” 1v1s:

  • Turn Deadline: 28 hours (instead of 48 hours)
  • Random Warp Gates: Rare (instead of none)
  • Home Star Distance: Medium (instead of Far)
  • Natural Resources: Plentiful (instead of Standard)
  • Starting Stars: 7 (instead of 1)
  • Starting Ships per Star: 28 (instead of 100)
  • Starting Credits: 2807 (instead of 3000)
  • Starting Economy: 28 (instead of 20)
  • Starting Industry: 28 (instead of 20)
  • Starting Science: 7 (instead of 4)

Technology settings (Weapons fixed at 4, Experimentation 0 etc.) and 6-tick jumps remain untouched.

I will try Accelerated Swiss Rules for the first time, even more fitting to the “Flying” tournament title. It largely entails changes to the initial match-ups in Rounds 1 and 2, but should make for more fun and fairness overall while making the two top positions (relevant for the finals) more meaningful. The final game will have no time limit (28 hour turn deadline stays enabled).

Previous Flying 1v1 Champions

@Solfyre (06/2022, 02/2022)
@plug (10/2021)

Tournament Rules

The most important metric in this tournament is points.

  • 4 points for a clear win
  • 3 points for a tight win
  • 2 points for a draw
  • 1 point for a tight loss
  • 0 points for a clear loss

In case a game does not conclude within the alotted time, it will end regardless and players will be given 0 to 4 points each by the tournament master. These things will be considered:

  • Did the game surpass (28+7)*7=245 ticks? If not, the wait times will be evaluated to make sure no player stalled the game.
  • Is there a clear leader in stars?
  • Otherwise all other stats will be evaluated to determine 0 to 4 points for a player.

While points are the primary focus, Buchholz scores, number of wins and rank will be deployed to determine a definite ranking of all participating players after each round. In the first rounds, acceleration points are also applied. As I no longer will be using a software to allow for the accelerated rules, there may be changes to the table mechanics.

Best regards

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Wow imagine that, @spymort singing up for their first FS!

Count me in too! (Hopefully now in the right thread!! :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:)

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Yes, I’m in for this please, and I’m interested in how exactly the Accelerated Swiss Rules for match-ups will be decided @Trucriot

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Basically, the top half according to the 1v1 World Rankings will get a point boost at the start that is deducted later. This should lead to more evenly leveled games each round.

Only 7 spots left, great to see the high interest so far :slight_smile:

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One spot left :innocent:

Make that 2- apologies but I will have to pull out. Things came up and I will be much busier next month than I thought. Goodluck to those playing!

Gotcha. We’ll kick off with an even 14 then.