Flying Swiss 1v1 Tournament [FS 06/2022]

Wow nice win @Solfyre!

To be honest I wasn’t paying attention to the star win condition, great sly move to capitalize on it. Probably couldn’t have stopped you anyhow… I’m still puzzling over what kind of voodoo let you afford so many early warp gates

Think I’ll have to drop out from this round - going to be off the grid for a few weeks!

@AllSkillNoPants, @Jewish_Star_Empire and @BattleBorn win their games by default against @June, @Prole_Matt and @gaz123 because they didn’t show. Hope they’ll be back in Round 4.

I have claimed victory in my match against @sarcophagus, a good match where I managed to capitalize on some early warp gates that i spotted to get out ahead and keep the lead.

I won my match against OneBlue, a short but decisive game.

I claimed victory against @olus2000
He invested too much in eco and didn’t have enough ships for defending when I pushed on his sides

Thanks for playing. I would have tried and regain advantage but I don’t feel very well right now and I decided it would be better to have one less thing to stress about.

Nat20 won our match

Well played, thank you for the game!

Grats to the winners. The deadline for Round 3 is closing in. Two games are still open which will be evaluated on the following tick (24 into the future):

@BelSon vs @Kaine: Tick 108
@plug vs @Dr_Gaming: Tick 114

Make sure to reach that tick by August 8 by submitting regularly. Post in the forum when you do :wink:

@Kaine and I have reached Tick 108 in our game… although it feels like only one turn has passed since you put that message up.

Weird, maybe I was looking at old data? Let’s go for Tick 126 and 132 respectively then, sorry for the confusion.

Thanks @Trucriot - I think @Dr_Gaming and I have surged past our target turn, so we may need your adjudication on our game. Or we can carry on playing - it’s an excellent game!