Followers don't always calculate their bonuses correctly

I’ve had the problem today with two identical groups consisting of a Foolhardy Bigwig, with a Goblin Bow follower.

Both arrived at my settlement at different times… but it happened before, after and during building fortification bonuses for the settlement (upgrading from +6 to +10).

Somehow, one of the groups’ follower would get out of sync and not include the city part of the bonus. Even after a refresh.

Here’s the order of how I checked it once I discovered this number mismatch:

Here’s my beautiful settlement, “Mysterious Hill”

Mysterious hill has been fortified with a Barricade and gives a +10 bonus! (+4 added to the +6 of the default settlement)

These are the Units in the settlement… notice how the two identical armies do not have the same strength. (but they should.)

First let’s look at the good army’s leader…

the Bonus of +13 seems to be working fine. (+3 from the Leader bonus and +10 from the city bonus)

Now let’s look at his follower… Yep, everything is checking out!

Looking good there Goblin Bow Guys!

now let’s look at the bad army. (The Goblin Bow Followers have the wrong calculation.)

The leader seems to be calculated correctly. Getting the army leader bonus as well as the city bonus…

The Goblin Bows though seem to NOT have the City Bonus. (But do have the Leader bonus)

Closer inspection confirms the Goblin Bow followers are not getting the +10 Bonus from the city…

Ok, let’s try to fix this and disband / decouple the army…

Even though they are not part of the group, the Goblin Bows are still broken and reporting the wrong number… in fact…

If we look real close… they’re still getting the +3 Leader bonus (Even though they are not in a group and have no leader.) And they’re not getting the City bonus either. (but the UI thinks they are, which is interesting.)

Looking closer at the Goblin Bow unit card, we can see that there is only the old +3 Leader bonus being applied,and no sign of the City +10 bonus.

At this point, I decided to refresh again hoping that it would recalculate since they are no longer in the same group / army… and yes! It fixed it and recalculated everything correctly.

I regrouped the Goblin Bows with the Big Wig, and now both groups are getting the correct bonus!

It seems that the client needs to recalculate the bonuses of units in an existing army, when:

  1. That army enters a settlement
  2. New units are added or removed from the army
  3. A new bonus (fortifications, etc.) is added to the settlement
  4. Any other “Strength Bonus” bonuses or penalties

These things should force a recalculation for not just the army leaders, but also each follower in the army. Just to be super duper paranoid sure!

I hope this helps!

As always, this is a great game!

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One more thing to note as I look back on these screenshots… The broken Follower still thinks he is in a (Forest) that they passed through earlier. (the settlement is in a (Mountain).) I don’t know if that will give you any leads for a fix, but there’s another lead to follow.

Actually… looking at it again…again… the followers that worked correctly ALSO think they are in a (Forest) (even though the settlement is in the Mountains… (I might have combined them in a Forest as they approached the mountains.)

This might be a separate bug. but still interesting.


Wow. This is nice visual and detailed bug report. I also like the smirky comments along the way. (“Looking good there Goblin Bow Guys!”, “I’m the other bigwig.”, “bad math”.)

Thanks man. :slight_smile: It’s fun helping to make the game better.

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Thanks for the super detailed bug report! We really appreciate it! We’ll send you a little something in-game :smile:

I’ve just been looking into this one.

The client really doesn’t do any math for these bonuses, it just shows what the server tells it.

I fixed the terrain issues but I think they are unrelated.

I’ll keep searching.