Force Starting a game

When you force start a game, should I assume that you want all the empty seats to be taken over by AI right away?

I would say that, by default, it should leave slots empty, but there should be an option under Game Admin for “Fill Empty Slots With AI,” and the admin should have a “Place Into AI Administration” button on the empire screen for each empty player slot.

That gives the game creator all the control they could need over how those slots are filled.

Yeah right. It would be fastest for me to just have once button that says “Force start AI” next to the force start button. I think that will get 99% of what people want.

I will do that tonight if I can.

I take it that it hasn’t been implemented. The game owner for a private game I’m in is trying to start w/ AI occupying the last 4 starts. Until this is implemented, how does he do that?

In Dark Starts it would be nice to have the option to shrink the galaxy when you force a start, so no AIs would be needed.