Formal Alliance Clarification



I would just like some help clarifying some things about formal alliances.

  1. Are formal alliances publicly announced or displayed?
  2. Are formal alliances publicly announced or displayed when broken?
  3. In the formal alliance description it states that “Players in an alliance will share scanning data.” Does this include shared view of the carrier movements of those in alliance or just information on stars and observable enemy carrier movement?
  4. In the formal alliance description it states that “Players in an alliance will not be able to capture each others stars.” What then happens when players A’s carrier with ships lands on allied player B’s star? Do they remain in control of A or transfer control to B or something else entirely?
  5. In the case that you maintain control of your carrier while on an allied star, what happens when the alliance is broken?
  6. This thread (New Rules for Combat for Ships in Formal Alliances) outlines how ships in an alliance will work together in combat. What happens when they win? Which nation claims the star and in reference to question 4/5, what happens to the other nations carrier/ships?
  7. I have read from many threads (eg.) that there is no allied victory what soever. I understand this and and just confirming that formal alliances do not effect the rest of the point distribution or such, ie. Your allies gain nothing when the game ends from being in a formal alliance (points, star ranking, etc)

Thankyou for the help!

  1. No

  2. Yes

  3. All scan data is shared, including carrier movements. Its just as if your ally’s scan data instantly also becomes your own. You both can see the identical, combined total of your scan data.

For 4-6, you are reading the same forums we are so I can’t tell you anymore than that. Others might.

For 7, correct, allies of the winner gain nothing. Presumably, allies of the winner would get some renown from the winner and/or other allies. In rare cases, some players might buy allies a badge.


4 – Your carrier with all of it’s ships will orbit the allied star. You will see your symbol and color smaller and to the right. The ship count for the star will show one combined defensive number.
5 – after the 24 hours, the ships fight.
6 – @HULK can answer this better. We’ve been running an alliance test game and doing a ton of testing on who wins the star in various alliance situations. I’m not sure all the answers are totally clear yet. However someone DOES win the star and the others will orbit it as in 4…

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Thankyou guys so much for your answers! It’s great to see people willing to help a new guy out.

I actually managed to make a custom game with a few of my friends and test out my own questions so I’ll post what I found for anyone searching in the future.

• Formal Alliances are not revealed when you make them
• Formal Alliances are revealed to everyone in the game when you break them (the fact you have broken an alliance)

• When you enter a formal alliance you gain vision of everything your ally sees.
(With the sometimes exception of carriers immobile at a star, which are revealed after the first tick.)
• --Carriers may land at an allies star and remain in your control.
• --Ships cannot be transferred between the star/carrier.
• --All carriers allied with you may land at your stars without conflict, even if two non-allied players’ carriers land at your star.
• --While at the star, the ships count towards the defence of the star and damage done in combat will be spread evenly between any allied carriers at a star.
• --When you break alliance with a player, carriers on each other’s stars will commence combat as usual one tick after the 24 hour grace period (25 hours later)
[I would just like to point out that at this point in time, this is contradictory to what the [information page on formal alliances][1] states.]
• --When your carrier is on an allied star, it aids in any defence that happens even if the attacker is allied with you.

• When multiple players’ carriers are traveling to an unoccupied star, and will arrive at the same time
• – If the distance is exactly the same, it appears to be random who gets the star (Or a least we couldn’t work out what determines it)
• – Ship numbers appear to not effect which player gets the star.

For future Testing

• [Untested] When launching a coordinated allied attack on an enemy star (arriving at the same time), all attackers use the highest level of weapons technology of all the allied attacking players.
• [Untested] It is not known whose weapons technology level is used in allied defence
• [Untested] When multiple players’ carriers are traveling to an unoccupied star, and will arrive at the same time, which ever carrier travelled the least distance in the last tick will capture the star first.
• --[Untested] If the players are enemies, combat ensues as normal with the player who captured the star being the defender.

Thanks for all your help guys! I hope what I post helps someone.



I believe the player with the most ships gets the star.

This should probably be the same when the star is unclaimed and you both travel exactly the same distance. (I will need to code this!)