Formal Alliance Questions

I have some questions regarding formal alliances.

  1. If you need 51 stars to win can an alliance achieve victory by totaling to 51 or more?
  2. Assuming 1 is false do you get a co victory if one of the members of the alliance gets enough systems to win?

There are no allied victories (yet). In order for a game to end, one player has to meet the victory conditions for stars owned, OR all players have to be eliminated, Quit, or AFK. (You can still get points/win if you have Quit, but not if you go AFK)

1st, 2nd and 3rd place only get points, I believe, so generally in the alliance you need to discuss who deserves which spot or be sneaky about it. :smile:

To bad. There really should be shared victories. In the game I am in now we are both equally responsible for besting our opponents. I guess we will use some random method to decide.

Dont use a random method. Set a time, then fight to the death!

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