Found a bug when purchasing cards


So I went to purchase a new card using my hero coins and accidentally clicked human. Before the cards showed up I hit back and went to Dwarf which I’m trying to buy. It spent my coins on the human one and since I didn’t actually pick a card it gave me none. Essentially costing me two coins for no gain. I’m sure you can see why this would piss people off.


Yeah, that sounds annoying. Though fortunately it isn’t a bug that will come up often for people :slight_smile:
( on a side note, it’s probably more like the program doesn’t check between buying and picking the card, assuming that everyone who bought such a card would continue the process. Might be a bit of a pain to implement such an automatic refund/temporarily holding on to the money, but that depends. /programmingtalk)


Sorry about that Obeliske! I’ve given you some credits and we’ll have a look at that bug ASAP. Thanks for letting us know.