Funeral Pyre Stat Tracking


One of our allies has a brave contingent of Knights, and they’ve been riding round-a-bouts and switchbacks for days setting Funeral Pyres behind enemy lines. It’s been a thing of beauty, yet we mourn the fact that there is no stat tracking to see how many restless souls he has set ablaze for the security of our lands.

It would be a nice addition amongst “zombies destroyed” and “military might”.

But what should be tracked? Number of Funeral Pyre, or number of individual restless souls served up in the Funeral Pyre Bar-B-Q? (Probably Both!) :wink:


Probably be something like “Funeral Pyres Built / Bodies Burned” — XX / YYYY


I would really like this. Anything that adds more stats would probably get my approval, but this is probably top among them. It would be nice if the priest could add his ability “burns” to this too.


I think this is a good idea. Stat tracking is great for telling the emergent story and all that.


Heh, didn’t see this topic when I posted Battlefield Statistics - Suggestion. Once again, @SpySat1 beat me to the punch (stupid posting limits for newbs from the same IP address… :cry:).

On a different note, I don’t think those Knights are going to make it through the day, I’m terrified that a group of zombies is going to raise from a city just as they’re about to get there and that rag-tag bunch of soldiers has seen a bunch of action and I fear they’re at about their limit. A moment of silence for their brave sacrifice…


Those Knights probably won the game for us. I have a group of Goblin Rat Riders out there playing cleanup as well, but they haven’t been as effective.

Unfortunately… I think I just crashed our game by trying to build too many units. :open_mouth:

You can read about it here: