Future support


Do I get it right, that devs aren’t supporting nor developing new features for either game?

Owning lifetime for Neptune and thinking of getting lifetime for Blight but common sense in me asks why should I buy a dead game?

If you are lifetime premium for NP I will give you lifetime premium for Blight.

Just email me from the email address you use to login to NP with.

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Already bought lifetime Blight in that 8 hours. :speak_no_evil:
Common sense lost.
Happy to support.

But the main question remains.

Do you have any future plans for new games like NP and Blight?
Do you have any update ideas for them?

(Just found out that BBB exists)

Thanks very much for the support!

My day job is working on a fairly big first person shooter that is a follow up to Void Bastards.

When I have any spare time I’m working on a port of the NP server to javascript and some new hosting arrangements. Its going very slowly but when its done I was thinking of trying my hand at some NP variants.