"Galaxy" panel has neither key, nor a help page

Greetings fellow spacelords, stupid newbie here again!

The “Galaxy” panel has a list of star names and 6 columns with non-obvious headings of 1 to 2 characters (“E”, “I”, “S”, “$E”, “$I”, and “$S”) . There is no key to the table headings, nor is there one of the excellent help pages for this panel. So, what are those mysterious headings, and wouldn’t it be better if there were a help page for this feature?

Many thanks in advance.

Economy, Industry, Science

It’s the level of infrastructure for each stars, and the cost to buy the next one
If it’s enabled, you can buy infrastructure by clicking on their cost

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At the top of the screen where it says CREDITS & timer until end of production cycle, at the left there is a 3-bar hamburger menu icon, click there to read the help files = Triton Codex.

You can also go here.



The help files are also found at the main menu.


Also if there is anything that has different colors, then click on to experiment with it. You do not have to win the first game if you are learning your way around.

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