Galaxy Quest II

This is a fast paced game for 11 players - the full adjusted parameters are listed below. Like Commander Peter Quincy Taggart, you’re winging it into the dark, hoping to find Thermians and not Saris… FOUR PLAYERS IN!

The password is Kwan.

You are required to adopt a character name from the film. You will be booted if you don’t do so.

Parameters where they differ from standard:
Formal Alliances on; Extra Anonymity on; Common Gates on;
Dark Galaxy on; Starting Distance far; Resources plentiful;
Production ticks 16

3 stars; $3000 cash; 50 ships per star

Home star: 20 Economy; 20 Industry; 4 Science

Trade $15 per level; Trade Scanned

Techs start at 1, except
Scan 4; Hyper 4; Banking 16

Tech cost all at Cheap except Banking = No Research
Real Time / Double speed


I love this film. Sounds like good fun.
By Grabthar’s Hammer, by the Sons of Warvan, you shall be avenged

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Thanks fella - I hope people realize that this is a unique opportunity to play a fast, high quality game. 4 players already realise this!

8 hour turn games are the most fun. Not too fast but faster than usual. This one looks good with a right sized number of players for an interesting game. I’m in! Join me and maybe we can work together.

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Sounds like a fun game.

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