Game advertised in PMG for free?+Bigger audience?

I just wanted to know who else found out about NP and got into it (like me) from a PMG vid mentioning the game?
And I was also curious about what people thought about the game getting a bigger community would it be a positive change or negative?(in my opinion it would be negative as it would no doubt increase afk’s/Quitting and have games be full of very unexperienced players).

Certainly that game has brought in many players, and increased the playerbase to the point where probably at least half of the players you meet have seen the video. As far as I’m aware, it hasn’t changed the quit/afk rates very much at all - Jay has put a new player game (not as a gateway, but it acts somewhat as such) and that would filter out all the players who just forget about the game in the first couple of days, or who decide the game is not for them.

As to the bigger community, I think this can only be positive. You mentioned more inexperienced players, but with you all come different ideas on how to play the game, how players should conduct trades, etc. I think it’s a wonderful thing having inexperienced players, as this allows new strategies to develop, and old-timers being able to pass on their knowledge.

Agree with BelSon. Also liked to see the increase in new players taking on the 1v1 challenge. Plus, without the video, you wouldn’t be here now, right? :wink:

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Can you please provide the hyperlink URL from that web page ? Thanks

This one (NP2 at 8:58):

you two have convinced me, my original view was wrong.

Wrong is a harsh way to put it, it’s a valid concern :slight_smile:

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That exact video is why I’m here. I love it and bought the lifetime membership after my first game. I’m now on my 7th? game in just over two months playing.

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Fwiw, at least in 64p games AFKers were always an issue and i don’t think it’s gone up since the new influx.