Game Cheater

Above game has a single cheater with multiple accounts feeding him, both finance and planets deliberately. One of the characters is literally called Banker and the others just letter spam.

Take a few more stars away from abbcc03. That will reduce the financial cheating. It all levels out as long as you have allies to BOTH Trade upward techs with AND EMBARGO techs vs the enemy parties.

He Literally has 5/8 of the game players it me and 1 guy thats not him from what it looks like. They all talk in the exact same kind of english with exception of the primary person being fed he puts an absurd level of effort into RP’ing.

Oh the irony.

I came to the forums looking for advice on people using multiple accounts because in a game I’m playing against you it seems very strange that there is a completely inactive player in the heart of your empire in cycle 9 with 1 sci, a -2 wep tech disadvantage (+ way behind in all other techs), not trading or talking with anyone, only 2 carries and yet has not been declared AFK.

And you got off to a rocket start and have been growing strangely fast all game and don’t seem bothered by 1100 hostile ships in the middle of your empires core.

I sincerely hope it’s not the case that you felt hard done by from the game you posted about only to decide that if other people were going to break the rules you can too.

And now you’ve also resorted to gifting yourself high indy/sci stars from your feeder empire.

Or perhaps it was just great strategy on your part that lead to orange having 1400 ships over 5 stars and yet you captured one without you or orange losing a ship.

I love that orange has had only 2 carriers for almost 10 days then they purchased a 3rd one today just to move their ships off the star for you. You didn’t even leave a few ships behind to make it look like they tried to fight you off.

It would be difficult for you to be any more blatant.