Game crash

The game had crashed. Blight of the Immortals

Does that mean everybody lost their progress?

Thanks for logging the bug, I will download the game off the server and try and fix the bug right now.

Most of the time no progress will be lost, infact the game’s clock is still running! In some rare cases the whole game will be toast and players will need to start again.

I’ll email you when I have a fix up on the server.

Just in case you want a running commentary on what is going on, your game has a zombie dragon that is exploding in a battle.

There are two bugs, the first is that there are some human zombies that have also been killed, with 0 population that is creating a divide by zero error.

There is also a slight problem that the dragon is doing a normal ranged area attack, but it is triggered on its death and it already has had its population reduced to 0 so the ranged attack strength is being multiplied by population 0. In other words it’s exploding but doing no damage.

(I recently simplified all ranged attacks so they work the same way and the zombie dragon must not have been tested properly. Sorry.)

OK, looks like your game is back und and going now. Please let me know if you have any more issues and I will try and fix them right away.

No more issues so far. Thank you for quick reaction.