Game ethos discussion - propping and ally for the win


I’ve been in a few 64 player games now and I have become familiar with a few players who look for each other in matches.

When it comes down to the final 5 players, often two or three allies will evacuate their planets for their ally to take, shooting the ally to an almost certain victory.

I’ve at times been allies with both the victor and their enemy (who was winning), where the enemy is extremely disappointed by their stolen victory.

Whether it’s preconceived or just tops diplomatic skills, what do you guys/girls think about propping players for the win? Just interested to hear some thoughts.


Different players have different opinions… you’d probably enjoy reading this thread on the subject:


You win some you lose lots, I’d rather prop an ally for the win instead of my enemy in the game winning. If I can’t win the game I will do everything in my power to help out a team mate. I’ve been on both sides of the battle and I’ve helped prop multiple players, it’s good when you have that returned and your allies help you to victory.

The game is a mixture of strategy, diplomacy and warfare. If there was no diplomacy and no ability to help out other players and prop them for the win, then we shouldn’t be able to trade techs, strategize on who we wipe out and share stars in the first place.

I know I’m going to get negative feedback from this but I don’t care, it’s a game, have fun either way winning or losing.

Win with dignity and die with honour.