Game History - When a game ends

So I just had a game of Blight end. Put the final zombies to rest with a volley of shot from the Artillery.

Sent a message to my allies, and went to a different game I was in.

Later, I wanted to see if anyone responded to the victory we achieved… and sadly, the completed game was nowhere to be found in the multiplayer game list. :frowning:

Maybe it should save a history of past completed games, so I can see if anyone responds to my messages. Maybe start up a new game with them and coordinate that way. Plus it would be nice to go back and review the map and how everyone did, and prepare better strategies for the next go. etc.

I can understand not wanting to bloat a database with completed games and chat logs, so maybe put a timer on it? it stays in your previous history games played for a week or so before it gets deleted? or maybe everyone has a back log of their past 10 games, and a new game ends, just pop the oldest off the stack. plop in the new one.

If we one day get a way to hit play, and watch a recorded game in real time, and fast forward or scrub a timeline, it would be GREAT to be able to save past glorious victories. :slight_smile: Might even be useful to make YouTube strategy videos, show the kids how it’s done. :wink:

Actually a way to scrub backwards in time with a timeline would be suuuuuper useful to see how things have played out so far. If you haven’t tried it yet, there’s a mobile game called Subterfuge (It’s like a submarine Neptune’s Pride) which has the best timeline scrubbing, watching a game from the beginning to even trying it’s best to predict 48 hours into the future, based off of current information. Blight could greatly benefit from a tool such as this.

Good times!


Hi @SpySat1, there is a list of completed games but it got hidden when we overhauled the join game menu last week. Currently it’s hidden behind a More button that comes up under your list of games when you’re in more than 4 active games. We’re going to fix it today so the More button will show all the time.

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