Game idea - night and day


My game idea is for a game with teams of two, each in different time zones. The game would be double speed real time and the idea is you have someone who can check in at all times. No surprise sneak attacks :smiley:

What do people think?


I think thatโ€™s completely legit.

So the teams of two control 1 empire actually, right?
legit, no risks at all.

I would totally watch you play this :smiley:


No there would still be two independent empires but you would have to coordinate your expansion so you had all borders covered. Well that would be the main tactic as I see it, someone else may have other ideas.


Symbiosis? Spatial entanglement? Wow. The better name for it you find the more I am in! :smiley:


Inbreeding? :smiley: