Game is "loading" but nothing happens


Hi everyone!
I loved this game a few years back when everything was working with coins and dicerolls and I love this game today! :smiley:

But this tiny little bug is really bugging me right now!
I cant play, because the game loads foreverā€¦
This happened yesterday for a few hours but today in the morning: no problem at all.
Then again for at least 5 hours now: no responseā€¦
This is the game in question:

Does anyone have a clue or even fix? We were on the best way to crush our enemies and see them driven before us! :wink:


@JayKyburz or @IHG-BlightedPea will need to open the game and check. They already fixed it once. This is the 3rd time that the game bugged haha

Edit: I just woke up and wanted to see what was the result of our awesome battle on the mountains Profile!!!


I havnā€™t yet found the root cause of this bug, itā€™s issue where there is a unit attempting to flee right off the map!

I will spend today looking into it. Make sure it canā€™t happen.


Hey Also! Welcome Back!


This should be fixed in the next upload later today.


(A small) Victory for the players and a victory for the programmer!
Thank you very much JayKyburz!! :smiley:


Haha, I donā€™t know how it happened but the fix made the giant that fell off the map end up in an interesting spot.


He needed a bath!