Game is very slow in Firefox 53


Since I updated Firefox to new Version (53) neptun’s pride is very slow. Zoom or map translation takes several seconds. Any ideas what can causing it? I switched to chrome browser for the moment.
Installed old Firefox version 52 - same problem, grrr…


IMHO, I do not know whether this would narrow down the problem or fix it for you.

I have tried Firefox 53.0.2 both 32-bit & 64-bit. The only times I get sluggish zoom or map translations is when I have
shortcut key “O” = Options / Map Graphics = High.

Try setting Map Graphics = Medium or Low ?

Hope that helps.


Yes, this is it. Medium is much better, but still not good. Low is perfect.
Thank you!


I’m on 53.02 and dont seem to have too many problems.

I assume you were playing on Windows? Which version. I’m on 10.


windows 7.
I settled with medium-setting. Good enough for me.
I discovered that I had firefox 32 bit version. Installed 64 bit version but still sluggy on high settings.


I posted this earlier this year, when the game almost became unplayable now… I don’t get the problems at all now, I use Avast’s SafeZone.exclusively for Neptune’s Pride now. I’ve found a way round a lot of the ‘server problems’. The problem in my normal Firefox tab is google and google analytics cookie tracking rubbish - if you use a Firefox Private Browsing window it stops all the cookie crap you normally get and bingo! Fast loading. >>>Might also work with other sandbox browsing like Avast’s SafeZone. (Call me nuts, but i wonder whether the big G tracks stuff on it’s servers and that conflicts if you use Google as a start point (so you load the analytics first)… <<<


I tried Firefox Private Browsing and see the same problem on high-settings. Seems I have an other problem. Also I routinely (globally on all sites) block Google Analytics ( ublock ). The game is allowed to contact domain, because the Intel-Tab doesn’t work otherwise. But even if I block domain problem remains.


I now use Avast’s SafeZone.exclusively for Neptune’s Pride and I simply don’t get those problems anymore - I use Firefox for Google related stuff and SafeZone’s start page is set to Yahoo. If only these bastards would stop trying to track every damned thing you do…


Sorry for the language, but you get fed up in a long life of supposedly helpful gadgets auto-loaded into your cyberspace. Even worse are M$, who are apparently vying with Steam to dump huge quantities of stuff onto my machine. I uninstalled Steam and found that was 4.8 Gb of stuff, most of which gets loaded with your games, which, by the way, you rent… And M$'s version can go away swiftly. My games load in 1/4 the time… rant, rant, mutter, rant