Game jumped 2 turns despite settings

Hi all

We’ve just started a turn based game with 24hr turns, 24hr production. This first turn the game jumped 48hrs and now the bar at the top of the screen says we are 2d from next production. @JayKyburz could you please take a look?

hrm, that is very strange. I’ll have a look into it. Thanks for reporting!


Problem seems to be 2h ticks, ie ships production at stars is per 2h (ie home star with 5 industry produces 1.25 ships every 2h). Production happens once every 48h (24 ticks). I think the game is actually playing out as intended, we just need to keep in mind that all times are doubled what we think they should be.

I’ve looked at the settings a couple of times, and I’m not seeing any setting that would make it intentionally 2 hour ticks. Which setting are you thinking is causing it? What am I missing?

It’s not set for 48 hour production. It’s set for 24. It just decided to do 48 for some reason.

Don’t know what the code does, perhaps there’s a weird interaction with 24 tick production clock and 24 hour turns? Whatever the cause, a tick is 2h long in this game, so 24 tick production clock (as set for this game) is 48h. It’s still 24 ticks and working exactly as set up, the times are just confusing to most of us due to 1h ticks being standard and expecting 24 tick production=24h production rather than 24 tick = 48h production.

Thats wierd, I think there is a bug in there somewhere.

This is pretty fun, the 2d jumps are going to be utter chaos :smile:

I’m not enjoying it and got screwed by it very quickly.

Bummer, sorry to see you had to go.

Any suggestions for improvements? Send me a message :slight_smile:

The 2 days just disadvantaged me. My outer circle of stars was closer to two neighbors than to me so they already had ships programmed to head there before I could even see them. By the time I was able to even scan them, they were almost all taken. Put me in a hole right from go.

Like I said, it’s not really 48h or 2d jumps. We’re not getting 2 production cycles each round, there are still only 24 ticks each round as it was set to. It’s working exactly as intended, its just each tick is 2h instead of 1h so it seems like things are going faster to us when we’re used to reading time in 1h increments with 24h production rather than 2h increments and 48h production. I’ve been mentally halving all the times in my head to better plan out my turns (my carriers takes 40h to arrive, that’s 20 ticks, so there will be 19x ship production at that star before I arrive…).

Don’t get me wrong, it’s crazy fast, but it’s crazy fast because of the 24 tick jumps. :wink: