Game Replayer

I would love to see a replayer. In my opinion this feature should be a priority because it would allow to make youtube stratgey videos more easily and thus spread the fame for the game.


I’m working on very basic statistic tool and map replayer for the NP2.

It’s very basic, but I will be improving it.

This would be amazing.

Dysp, this is really cool =D I can’t wait to see further developments. You probably already know about this, but if you select Tick 0 it jumps straight to the final tick (tested in Chrome).

By the way, which game was that - you vs Golden Ace?

Neither of those links work for me.

@PandaBear Thank you and thank you for the tick 0 report. Will see about fixing that. And yes, I think the map is from my and Golden Ace’s game.

@cptcrackers I have got one other report about the links even if the site has been online all the time. It might be that the has been blocked somewhere etc. Here are the long links, hopefully they will work better:$1$1rbsRN2x$wtgCGIV2ewSBvTLgaCRZR01$1$IzxUh/OD$mHOP5CmoWRIEDzIU0eMOP.1

@Dysp I’ve been really enjoying your map re-player tool for the Dual tournament. I know it’s still in early development, but I think the most useful (and hopefully not too difficult to implement) feature in the short term would be to have arrow buttons to move ticks forwards & backwards (as well as being able to pick from the drop down).

Weird. They still don’t work.

whatever is, I can’t reach it at all. I can PM you tracert info or whatever else if that’s your web site and you want to trouble shoot.

@PandaBear Thanks, and it is my plan to have the re-player to cycle some sort of animation as the things happened. Shouldn’t be too hard to do as soon as I find the time for it.

@cptcrackers Yes, please. PM me a traceroute and I’ll check with my providers.

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Alright, added basic automatic re-player to the map. Please try it at:

Play and Stop buttons start/stop the automatic replay of ticks.

Nice - works well :smile: Tested in Chrome.

Very, very nice Dysp - worked great for me in Firefox.

If super easy to do, maybe add advance/rewind one frame buttons.

Hello! Love it - how do we do it?? :slight_smile:

OK, I will send some stuff over.

Thanks everyone for the help. I’ll see about making those changes. Meanwhile I did first version of map editor, which is compatible with the NP2. It is available for registered users only, but next on the list is map viewer where everyone can check out maps made by others. Check it out at !

Basic viewer is also available now if you are not into registering and editing the maps yourself:

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Wow, this is really cool!
I stopped playing a while ago, but I have just joined a game and I would like to continue developing some tools. What do you use to query star information for your history tool? I have been developing one myself, but haven’t finished it. I reverse-engineered the game’s client and I am feeding it my own star data, I am able to draw anything I want, but I haven’t made tick transitions yet :slight_smile:

Look at what I have been doing.

Welcome back QWERTY!

I just tried entering my game into this replayer and got the error:

The given game does not exist or the owner is no longer sharing the game stats with this url.

The game is currently in progress. It is a Proteus game. Could one of these reasons be why it is not working?

I also tried to input a completed game. I could not generate an API code from within that game.

Alternatively, are there other replayers that I should look at?


I am not aware of any replayers for NP3 Proteus.

I think I am only aware of one or maybe two replayers for NP2 Triton.

@Dysp built a tool for that can replay NP2 games, but only for the tick snapshots that you capture.

@Qwerty built a tool that can capture tick snapshots, although I have never tested his replay capability, so I do not know how it works.

Search around in this forum. There are threads from both of these gamers and others, that give some more information about their tools.

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