Game slow?

Game seems to be loading very slowly for me today, anyone else?

Server is down now completely - loading any specific game results in a 500 error. I already noticed slow downs yesterday by the way.

kind of annoying since i missed production cycle and ~7 upgrades to economy

I regularly get slow downs on an evening here so I didn’t mention it early.

Bloody Goblin Pirates, :angry:

Also getting same problem for last 36 hours - the lag is unbearable to the point that I dont even bother playing due to frustration

Also experiencing very slow load times here, probably for a couple of days now.

Seems fine atm.

Sorry guys. I will look at the logs and see if there were any issues.

Pirates have thier own instance. Completely separate from NP and Blight.

The green spikes are the 500s you experiences last night.

I can’t see any reason for the spike in errors and latency. I haven’t changed anything in the code so I suspect just issues with Google who hosts the servers.

Bloody Google Pirates. :grin:

Thanks Jay.

Is anyone else still experiencing this?

I have had trouble for a few hours now where I either cant connect at all or if I do it is so slow I cant actually do anything. I have tried on PC, Tablet and on Mobile (Both wifi & cellular) and it is the same with all of them.

Edit: Am now able to connect well enough to do some stuff but still very slow.

I’ve had it a bit again tonight on and off. Something seems to be going on.

Sorry, I’ll dig into this issue more today.

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Also experiencing it quite “often”, not as bad as week ago, but still many times actions aren’t stored due to server problems.

I’ve found a way round a lot of the ‘server problems’. The problem on my normal Firefox tab is google and google analytics cookie tracking rubbish - if you use a Firefox Private Browsing window it stops all the cookie crap you normally get and bingo! Fast loading. Might also work with other sandbox browsing like Avast’s SafeZone. (Call me nuts, but i wonder whether the big G tracks stuff on it’s servers and that conflicts if you use Google as a start point (so you load the analytics first)

Interesting. I might try blocking Google Analytics in Adblock Plus.

Don’t know if this is related but for the last couple of hours I’ve been getting email notifications from the last couple of days. :thinking:

hrm, perhaps its be queuing up.

Maybe Google is delivering on some promises, but unintentionally breaking others ? 


Blocking Google Analytics seems to make no difference.