Game Templates


It would be cool if you could set up a game template to generate games with. I’ve just set up a map for a 3 way dual and its taken a lot of iterations to get a map that is fair. I kept forgetting something in the settings so the process was twice as long.

If you could set up a game template to create games from it would be helpful for setting up special games and also handy for those who like to play a similar format fairly often.


Yes, Ive been thinking that game creation is getting big enough to warrant this kind of feature.


What I could do is make an extension on the custom starfield code and allow you to simple enter a json text file with all the various settings.


You could (I have no idea what that means)


I suggested this a while back, but you already assign a unique game ID … so why not display that in the game creation menu and then allow that to be used as a “seed” when setting up another game that auto-fills in all the fields, and then allows you to modify from there.


That’s a good idea @HULK - a “take all game settings from game XYZ” field where you paste in the game ID. That would save time!


I also like @hulks idea


The problem is, once game xyz is gone, your template is gone. What would be better is, in a game, say the options screen, you could choose to save the game settings to a file. Then you could load the file in on the create game screen.


@JayKyburz that would work


That should work fine too.

And just to be clear, when you load the “original” settings into the create game screen, you should still be able to fiddle 'em from there.


Can I suggest that the game creator is able to save the settings when they start the game and at the end all those who played are also able to save the settings.


I’m pretty sure why eDave is suggesting that is because in a Dark Galaxy, you could use the game settings to create one that is not Dark, giving yourself an advantage over the other players.

So yea, that’s a real good implementation idea to keep things fair.

P.S. Is there a reason the game options screen doesn’t show the number of players?
This is kinda nice to know when you are considering a game, but in a Dark Galaxy, I don’t know how you find it out.