Game won't load


Not sure why.

No one has millions of ships. We do have large fleets. The game is four clusters. We spent weeks building our forces to cross the gaps between clusters, and now the fighting is on in earnest.

Really hope it’s not FUBAR.


ATTN: @JayKyburz tagging you so you hopefully see this quicker.


OK, it’s magically loading now. I know it wasn’t just me. I was contacted by other players letting me know something was wrong.

Can you have a look at it and see if it’s going to break permanently because of ship counts? (which should start dropping dramatically as the battles rage).


Do we know the issue was only with this one game. Its possible the while site was down for a while.


Yeah, I was able to get into all my other games. It’s happening again right now.


Same game, same issue again. Can’t seem to get it to load on PC or mobile. Probably because there are some large battles this turn.


It happens every couple of days where it’s inaccessible for a few hours. The battles right now are in the hundreds of thousands on each side. The game was designed to have an early conflict phase, a building phase, and now the final massive fleets phase.


I’m playing in this game too. This is the response code returned.

 Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for URL:

Hopefully this can help pinpoint the issue.


In Chrome it just says “Loading” forever.


Chrome, Firefox on windows 7; chromium on kali, and curl all return the response code 500 when requesting /grequest/order. On all browsers it will cause the screen to freeze on the loading screen.

/grequest/order is the json data for the parts of the galaxy that you can see; hopefully this failure doesn’t mean that the entire game data has been lost.


I am playing this game too.
It started happening several days ago. But usually was back online in couple of hours. Now it’s almost 24hours …
Just hangs there forever

But I am not even mad, now that I realized that our cluster is going to lose :smile:


@JayKyburz I know it’s the weekend but could you take another look at this please :smile:

If it’s an issue of fleet sizes I’d rather end the game than divide everything by 5 like you did in Double Einstein Ring to overly prolong it. This game has slowed to a crawl. But that’s just my personal opinion.


I would vote for this too. :relaxed:


From what you guys wrote here, I guess it is indeed a matter of fleet sizes. Was a major battle taking place this turn? And are your weapons fixed?


Weapons are fixed; I believe the largest battle to take place that turn was just over 100k ships per side. I don’t think that would be the issue because a few turns prior a 300k+ battle took place without any setbacks.

If it is just the massive ship count, probably under 6 million total, can the ship count and build rate both be reduce by a factor of 100 allowing this game to come to a conclusion?


I’m really sorry about this guys, when I first build the game I never expected fixed weapons games and for battles to get so large. You are really pushing the bounds of what the server can handle.

I’d rather not open up the game and try and reduce ships numbers because last time I tried I actually fucked it up and didn’t do it properly.


That’s fair, it’s a shame the winners won’t get their records but if I see them in another game I’ll send through some renown.


Perhaps another victory condition would fix this. Say when total game shipcount exceeds some threshold, game over. Call it a tech victory. Might also address what you were trying to achieve with this thread: New Rule - Ship limits at stars


The new combat algorithm fixes this problem. Won’t be an issue in future.


Any way to apply that algorithm to that game?

If it’s FUBAR anyway, better to try than not???

I had created and started this game before the problem happened with the Double Einstein Rings game. If that had happened prior, I would have set this one up differently. Like I said it was specifically designed for big fleets late in the game. It’s been really fun and very different from other games.