Garrison 1 as default or option for Carrier Actions

Jay has heard this one before … so hope he doesn’t mind me tossing into the “official” forums … but for carrier actions, doing a “garrison 1” is a very common action … especially early in games. Seems that either the Garrison option should default to 1 (it’s currently 0) or there should be an added Menu item labeled “Garrison 1”

Another nice feature (not sure how to implement UI wise) would be to apply the action to JUST that carrier … but all stops. I.e. if I have a carrier bouncing across new stars, I probably want Garrison 1 everywhere. Conversely, if I have an (empty) carrier returning the back lines to reload, I want either “Drop All” or “Do Nothing” Right now, I have to set that for every waypoint … since my “overall” default is “Collect All” … which is probably what most people use.

Just tossing out the ideas for consideration.

P.S. The use of the checkmark to signal READY for turn-based games is brilliant UI design - short, simple, and obvious - well done!

Along those lines, I still think players that have QUIT or have ZERO stars should show something besides yellow though … since they are by default READY. Also, how cool would it be if everyone has submitted there turn but ONE person … and NP automatically sent them an Email after, say an hour, reminding 'em to submit. Always a bummer when the game is held up for 6 hours because of one person. Cool if they are sleeping, but sometimes a reminder helps.


I have a keyboard shortcut for collected all vs drop all, perhaps I should have one for garrison 1. I didn’t do it because its usually only useful at the start of the game before you have industry.

And that’s why I’ve never used it. I realize it’s advantages but by the time someone’s attacking me (normally) I have industry everywhere.

You can set your default as garrison one… So if you are going to go to the trouble of creating a garrison shortcut then why not make it a double key… Key 1 (Garrison) + Key 2 (1-9).

Personally I am against hassling turn based players to make their turn… If you want this in the game it should be an option.

If you want to join turn based for fast turnaround then it should be explicit in the game description or settings…

Plenty of players join turn based games for the freedom of playing a turn when they want within the guidelines the owner sets up. Who the hell wants emails telling them to hurry up in a game that is made to give you a set number of hours to make a move?

me :-). I’ve forgotten and held a turn up for a day for no good reason.

I do agree it should be a player setting (rather than a game setting) to turn it on/off and I’d be happy to see it off by default. But I’d turn it on for myself.

I’d rather not see this sort of email implemented until the remaining information leaks in turn based games are fixed – abandoned stars and tech levels. There is still some benefit to submitting last, so I think such a notification would be exploited to make it easier to submit last without necessarily needing to log in at the deadline.

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