Giant Spider web trap


The Giant Spider has a web trap ability that prevents all zombies from moving for 24 hours when the spider enters combat. Am I correct that this is only useful when the spider loses the fight? The other outcome is the zombies are destroyed, so who cares if they’re also stuck in a web?


If I remember correctly, the spider web trap traps all units in the fight, whether they are undead or live spiders, and no matter whichever side wins. Now I may be wrong on this, but I’d make sure that you be very careful with spiders, whether they are against you or for you.


No; the card text names “immortals” as the sole target.


Yes, Spiders are basically small suicide bombers used to hold large stacks of zombies in place.

I think the zombie spiders have something similar!


Sounds like they could use some tuning, then. At 250 gold each and 250 strength, I would hardly use them as disposable units.


They’re really indispensable “throwaway” units on some maps. It’s often much, much easier to spend 250 gold a day throwing spiders at a 20,000 strength Orc horde or a pack of blighted Gryphons than it is to fight them head-on.