Give renown points in anonymous games

Once an anonymous game is finished it would be great if you were able to give renown points to the players that played well.

I can understand that you don’t want to show renown points during an anonymous game - but I think it’s a good thing to be able to reward those who have played well afterwards. These games can still have all the back-stabbing and ruthlessness - and you don’t have to give out renown if no-one deserves it, but I think it would be good to have the option.


Also one of the reasons for having anonymous games it that you dont get the “players on same IP address warning” message… that was disabled on all games a few months ago.

Yes, that’s right. Although for me I mostly play anonymous games with friends - as the anonymity helps prevent revenge/bad blood from previous games creep into the next game (although you can generally work out who is who after a while). The shame is that you can play a number of these games and not have any renown points to show for it afterwards.

So you want to be able to gain renown AND remain anonymous? In my opinion the right to anonymity should have the downside that renown isn’t available in such games. Why else would players go anonymous if not to be able to behave badly and get away with it?


That’s exactly what I’d like… Well, sort of.

At the moment players can behave badly and get away with it in that they don’t get any renown points. What i’m asking for wouldn’t change that - bad players still wouldn’t get renown points. But at least you’d be able to have the option of giving Renown to players that you enjoyed playing with or who played well.

Why do you think anonymous games shouldn’t have renown in them, Lenin?

What if players were able to give renown points to another player but could not see the renown that they have in the anonymous game even after the game is won? The amount of renown will be completely hidden. I think it might also be a good idea if all the renown was updated during a game time for everyone It can be at an odd time too like 4:12 AM game time. Pick a time where most people will not be on. Maybe have the time be random within the hour that it calculates the renown or even a cycle of around random times it goes through. One game could calculate renown at 5:20, another game might be 5:37. This way players don’t give renown and see the renown increase immediately.

I think having renown hidden with some type of time delay where all games are updated at different times within the hour will make the game a lot more anonymous if a player wants to stay anonymous.

I have campaigned several times for anon renown to no avail. Although to be fair Jay has always sited technical difficulties in doing it rather than game play / balance issues.

Hi Red… long time no speak… I was thinking about your comment and initially agreed but then thought back to some anon games I have played. I haven’t always joined to behave badly / differently I have also joined anon games for the enjoyment of not knowing who or not knowing the skill of who I am up against… More exciting in some ways!

@jason3609 - to keep it simple I would agree that renown doesn’t need to be revealed at any point in an anon game - including once the game is over. You’d just need to be able to give renown points to others. I think this is simpler that revealing renown over time, as you’re suggesting.

I agree, @Peter. If I play with friends we’ll play an anonymous game to keep a bit of mystery in the game.

I didn’t know that there would be technical limitations with this. I think it would be worth adding if it’s easy enough to do. May not be a high priority if it’s hard to implement, though.

Ya I can see how my suggestion would be hard to implement. It would prevent people from knowing who anyone is but it would be too much of a hassle to add. I think just keeping renown hidden even after the game is over but still allowing people to give renown would be best. Another solution would be to give people 24 hours to add renown after the game is over. After 48 hours of the game being over, the renown can be revealed to all the players along with their ranking and victories. The 24 hour delays would help prevent cheating.

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Sorry Peter, I will get to this one day.

No worries Jay. I know your list is long!

So it’s made the list? Wooh! That’s a win :smiley:

Thanks Jay

Another note to say that I really would love to have renown in anon games. My friend group always plays anon to avoid the same people allying, and not getting renown is a bit of a bummer.

I know this is very old, just want to chime in!

Hi @onewil - thanks for chiming in!
Any update @JayKyburz? Is it still on the list?

I think the issue here is giving renown points makes it possible to figure out someone’s identify by looking in other games to see who’s renown total goes up when you give renown points.

If it was set where renown points in an anonymous game we slowly dispersed over the next few days with none being added immediately, that could be possible.

Good point. And yeah, that’s an option. Or you can only give renown points once the anonymous game has ended - that would work too.

Feels like giving them once game has ended would resolve this right? Plus it would just overall be great to see who was who at the end of the game, regardless. I play with the same folk a lot, so we use high anonymity settings to make sure there’s still a thrill in characters/style changes and the same people don’t get ganged up on or last win held against them. It’s super fun, but means no one ever really knows who is who (we reveal by email) and there’s no renown gain despite a lot of time invested. Ah well. Still fun.

It’s a pretty low priority for me. It would be a fairly large code change to support this, and its not clear that many people would use it.

You can message people once the game is done, (or nearly done) and exchange real aliases if you like. That way you can get into new games with each other or whatever.

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Thanks for the reply. Noted on time/energy cost, and agree. We’re hoping to get most people onto paid memberships so it won’t be so obvious who is who and we can do normal anonymity.