Gnostic Mage has no way to see the current cooldown timers to recharge the correct unit


Gnostic Mage has no way to see the current cooldown timers to recharge the correct unit.

I have several Artillery units at the same settlement as my Gnostic Mage.

One Artillery Unit is 3 hours away from his cooldown to be complete.

The Second Artillery Unit is about 7 hours from the cooldown being complete.

And The third Artillery Unit, I just used to blast a zombie horde in half.

I have enough Mana to activate my Gnostic Mage, and recharge an Artillery, then fire the artillery again…

Problem is, When I go to recharge the unit, I get a list of 3 artillery units, with no way to tell them apart.

The optimum strategy is to recharge the unit with the longest cooldown… but there’s no way to do that at the moment.

Some Possible Solutions:

• Allow the player to Rename Units so I can name the one with the longest cooldown timer and recharge him in the list of units to recharge.

• Show the cooldown timer associated with the unit’s name in the list when using the recharge ability.

Wish me luck… I’m gonna randomly pick one and hope it’s the one I want to recharge.



I had this problem too, but it seems like the units in the target dialog are listed in the same order as they are in the normal army list. So if the long cooldown unit is the second one listed in the normal view, it seems to also be the second one listed in the restoration target dialog. This is still clunky, but at least gives you better odds of picking the correct one.


This would be best to fix the problem I think since the recharge ability is about recharging cooldowns.

I think this should become a premium feature.


I’d like to add unit renaming. I think it could add a lot to the roleplaying aspect!

if not a complete rename, then add a “subname” so both would be displayed somehow.


Subname would be great. I’d name each of my Foolhardy Bigwigs after Pasta types.

Come along there Macaroni, you too Fettuccine! <3


Just a thought, but a thematic solution would be to add a unique string to the name.
/#/ /Location Trained/ /Unit Name/
/Proper Name’s/ /Unit Name/
i.e. 1st Goldenhold Artillery Regiment or Nugwick’s Ferret Riders.


Yeah, thats cool. Carriers in Neptune’s Pride are named after the star they are from.