Goat Game

I have a new turn-based game at:

Short version is that some friends and I have had fun with basically these settings, but it would be more fun with a larger group.

Longer version. This game has extra anonymity. Our tradition is not to identify yourself to anyone until after the game; please respect that. Dark galaxy, long distances, trade with scanned gives you a few turns before you’re in the thick of things. I used xjhdexter’s 16-player map settings for this one; the private games we played were too small for them. 18 hour turns, so you don’t have to feel like you’re always on-line, but things move faster than 1/day.

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This game has the highest number of active players I’ve ever seen in a turn based game… I’m looking forward to it!

Is the 6 turn AFK rule still in effect?

Thanks to everyone who participated. I had fun. I got knocked down to 4 stars at the end of the game. The “not to identify yourself” went remarkably well. It turns out the guy who almost wiped me from the map is my best friend.

We had 6/16 AFKs and a few more QUITs. I think that’s about par for the course.

I was overall happy with the custom settings. Although I don’t have the energy to organize another such game at the moment, I will probably jump in if someone else does.