Greedy counter (edge case bug)

Just got this funky situation and I think it speaks for itself.

Yeah, it happens. I think this will stay as it is, because you are very, very zoomed in to see that ‘bug’. If you were to zoom out, then there would be a problem the other way, as the numbers clipped over each other.

No, it was exactly that I saw 108 ships being zoomed out which made me notice this bug.
AFAIK zoom does not change numbers at all in this game

And again

I don’t think I explained myself well in the first post, so I will try again here.

When two carriers are in close proximity, their ship counts combine, and that is what you are seeing - a combined ship count for two different carriers, heading in two different directions. This is a common occurrence in games. Now I assume the bug you are pointing out is that they should only combine ship counts when they are heading the same direction, and/or on exactly the same x/y coordinates? My counter to this is that if ship counts combined only when the carriers had the exact same coordinates and direction, then carriers in both the situations you highlighted would have two separate counts written on the screen. When you zoomed out on the screen, the numbers would overlap, making both unreadable.

Now let me know if I am misunderstanding the situation. I believe that the solution of just always writing the numbers for separate carriers separately would not work, due to digits overlapping when the carriers are too close. We already have this problem when the ship counts for a carrier overlap the infrastructure counts for a star! The only other solution I have come up with is to off-set the carriers’ ship counts, but then it becomes unclear which carrier the count belongs to. So I believe the current situation is the best situation.

I could fix this in NPA if people want.

The fix would be to combine the information, sure, but not into a single number. There isn’t some need to combine 1 and 107 into 108; the text could read 1+107 instead, making it clear there are multiple numbers aggregated.

Conceivably each number could then also be clickable so if you click on N in M+N+O it would highlight the appropriate map element (carrier or star with N ships aboard).


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