Grinding rank by losing 2 player games

If you lose a two player game, you get 1 rank, right? Half the number of players? Seems like an easy way to grind - join and quit a bunch of 2 player games! Maybe a rule should be added that the loser of a 2 player game doesn’t get any rank points? 3 player games wouldn’t have this issue as the loser would get 3/4 points which rounds down, I suppose?

  1. Create 32 player private game
  2. Join it
  3. Force start
  4. Accept Victory
  5. Profit?

I’m pretty sure jay fixed this a while ago where you only get rank from real games

EDIT: much to Hulk’s dismay

I haven’t done a full-on battle against the AI’s in quite a while … but did feel that if I took on 15 (or more!) hostile robots and beat 'em, it wasn’t totally undeserved to notch a win. Try it sometime - a LOT of work!

@AnnanFay is exactly right that why bother with 2-user games … do 32! :wink:
When I’ve tested stuff, I DELETE the game so no points are awarded.

Wasn’t implying you cheat the system for rank, I just remembered you would play these crazy AI games that looked hella difficult and come out on top

All good - sorry if I implied otherwise myself.

The ranks and renown are mostly meaningless. Badges are the only true measure of a NP player! :slight_smile: