Grounded settlement


So, I’m playing a game on a map called the Treasure Islands (game is called Indifferent Incubus if it matters) and managed to make a landlocked settlement without water access with the help of a balloneer.

Now, I wonder… How will this settlement behave? Where is It’s port (I can not see it)? How will the shipbuilding behave? And, if it continues to build ships, how will they behave?

So the first ship would have the balloneer, and move normally, but those after? How will a grounded ship behave on a tile it can’t build on, and will it be stuck?


Hi @Iceblade02. I’ve just made a change to this, although I don’t think it’s in the current release yet. Previously, settlements without a port would not build ships. When the new version comes through, if a settlement does not have a port, ships will be built on top of the settlement, but if they don’t have a Ballooner on board, they will not be able to move.


Okay! That makes a lot of sense.