Guilds! Guilds! Guilds!

Me and some friends were discussing for quite some time about how nice it would be to have guilds here on NP2. And by guilds I mean fixed teams, with status not only for the players but also for the teams. Then I came up with the idea to organize this and how this could be done. So there we go:

How will it work?

I will keep, organize and publicly display data about the guilds. Players will send commands to, and I will read and compute these commands. I will also check the matches and enforce the rules. All data will be available at NP2-Guilds - Google Sheets


Every guild must have a name, and a maximum of 8 members. Each player may be part of only one guild (at a time). The player who creates the guild will be it’s leader, and will speak on behalf of the guild. The leader can manage the member list and set matches, but any 3 members together can overrule the leader if they wishes so.


Guilds may set matches by any means they like, but to be a valid guild-match it will have to obey some rules:

  1. All players has to use the guild name as part of it’s Alias. They can use some nickname or abbreviation if this is notified to all other guilds before the match starts. The Alias for the players of each guild must have the same pattern.
  2. The number of players must be the same for all guilds on one match.
  3. The minimum number of players per guild on one match is 3.
  4. No extra anonymity allowed.

To avoid problems, I should be notified of the match very early, even before the beginning if possible. I must be notified when the match ends, so I can validate it.

The default goal of a match for a guild is to end the match with the winning player. Any other imaginable goal is accepted, but in this case since I may have no means of validating if the goal was reached, the result will only be computed if all guilds recognizes the winner.

In the case a match that has a different goal finishes by having a winning player (by the standard game goal) it will be computed as a draw, unless at the match notification it is clear that this should be computed otherwise.


I will keep an ELO rating for the guilds and players.

For the guild, it will consider only if it won the match, positions will not have any influence. For the players, it will consider only if your guild won, again positions will not have any influence. Every guild will start with 1,000. The weight used will be 50 for each match, so if two guilds with same rating battles, the winner will receive +25 to it’s rating, and the loser will lose 25, so they will then be 50 points apart. Same goes for players.

To reward more the team-playing, there will be a “Star Rating” for the players on each guild. After the end of a match, each player may give a hidden score from 0 to 5 to the other players of his/her guild that participated on the match. Only players who send the score will have their received score computed. To really promote who made a greater effort, the score sent by one player will be normalized, so giving 5 to all colleagues will not count as 5. I suggest giving higher ratings to players who was better at communicating, organizing, role-playing, setting tactics, anticipating the enemies, sharing information, executing the guild’s decisions self-sacrificing, and also had more helpful attitudes, availability and leadership. The total “Star Rating” of any player will be always a number from 0 to 5.

Players who quits or goes AFK will not receive any positive points in the ELO or Star Rating.

Sending Commands

The leader, when speaking on behalf of the guild (or a member who is overruling the leader) must use the subject GUILD (in capital letters) followed by the guild’s name, and may request to:

  • Create the guild, giving his/her True Alias and optionally the True Alias of the members.
  • Add members, giving the True Alias of the members to be added.
  • Remove members, giving the True Alias of the members to be removed.
  • Transfer leadership, giving the True Alias of the new leader. Must already be a member. (This requires the majority of the members, including the new leader.)

Guild members must use only their True Alias as subject, and may request to:

  • Join a guild, giving the name of the guild. (this will only happen if the leader send your True Alias to be added too).
  • Abandon a guild.

When dealing about matches, the subject must be MATCH (in capital letters) followed by the URL of the match. The leader (or overruling members) may:

  • Set-up the match, giving the name of the participating guilds and the True Alias of his/her participating guild’s members. (This must be done by all participating guilds!)
  • Notify about it’s ending.
  • Give “Stars” to the other participating members of his/her guild, after it finished. (This may be done by any single member)

Internal affairs

The rule about overruling the leader exists because leaders may get busy in real-life and some guilds may decide their members should have more autonomy, to join a match for example. But leaders may act against some members or just be lousy or may even have their e-mail account hacked. Each guild will have their own internal rules, and if things are not good between the leader and some members, instead of abusing this overruling mechanism, the best thing to do is to abandon the guild and create another one.

The leadership should only be transferred if:

  1. All the members are unsatisfied with the leader.
  2. The leader is missing for some time.
  3. The leader no longer can or wants to be leader.


Any disputes between guilds will be settled by e-mail conversations openly sent to all the members of the guilds involved. If an agreement can’t be reached, I will use my best judgement and ask help to some friends. Keep in mind that I will have very few resources to check things, and most of the time will just invalidate the match. Screen prints will not be considered as proof or evidence of anything, as they can easily be edited.


If you liked it, start gathering your friends and create your guild. Also, please send suggestions to help improve it.

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I’m in one hundred percent!

Let’s get some friends to play a guild game, people!

I love this idea, but fail to see how someone like I - a guy with no friends that play NPII - will be able to join/initiate a clan successfully. Ideas?

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I don’t know for how long you have been playing, but as time goes by you start knowing people here, specially if you are active on the forum and play multiple games at once. I already see around some players I had very interesting alliances built in the game, so I think this is a way.

Also, I bet there will be more people like you - very interested in the idea, but with no friends to join. Maybe creating a topic in the forum calling for those is another way. If this guild thing really catches, I will ask Jay to create a Guild section, so we have a more organized place to advertise a new clan needing members or to set matches.

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I have advertised this game to some friends. Do it too, it work!

Friends you have played strategic games on your childhood, friends that loves videogames. I think you should try. Playing with some friends is even better, but we should play NP2 anyway!

I’m contacting people that I’ve allied with over the last few games so will hope to have one up and running soon. I’m assuming that the guild thing is active as of when you put the post up, rather than just an idea for now? @Arth

Yep, it’s active. Just waiting subscriptions for guilds.

@JayKyburz, maybe a new GUILDS section would be better than splaying everything everywhere.

@Satan_II I will join your guild.

@Satan_II, remember I said about people I had very interesting alliances? @eDave is one of them.

If you two can get one more player, we can start this with a 3 vs 3 match.

If it’s ok with @Satan_II and @eDave I will join. Never done team games (and turned based games) before to be honest, but quick learner.

And we need a name for “our” guild.
Satan’s Son and Sidekicks?
Just thinking out loud :wink:

The Satanic Brotherhood

I’m also in talks with three other players that I’ve been strongly allied with. I’ll let you know on them soon. For now, @eDave and @Sjeng you guys are more than welcome.

I’ve always liked The Hell Realm, or Demons’ Dominions.

Hmm. I may set up a newbs guild.


I have no Guild experience whatsoever and only limited experience in Triton, so a newb guild might be the right place for me. If you do this, @Rosslessness, i would be willing to join, if you want to have me.

I always think that the induction procedure should be,

  1. Don’t be an idiot.
  2. Ask to join.

So you’re in.

Now pick a name.


I have had my trouble with 1. but have clearly accomplished 2. :slight_smile:

Some guild name suggestions:

  • Newbs in Space (to clearly state the intention of a newb guild)
  • The Mighty Quill (but perhaps too much alluring to the short story contest…)
  • The Naive and the Righteous (as a counterweight to that satanic group forming above…)

Those are just off the top of my head, what have you got?

When it comes to a Guild match. Are there set rules to be followed, or can it be dependant one what the leaders may agree on?

NOTICE: I just changed the rules to add nicknames or abbreviations of the guild name in players Alias.

@Satan_II, quoting the rules:

These are the only rules that a match must follow. Anything else is up to the guilds to define, even criterions for winning wildly different from the game’s criterion.

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