Guilds - Intercomm


This is the Pan-Galactic Intercomm, a place to post news about the Guilds. Guild commanders are welcome to send whatever messages they want, too.

(Just for organization, rules discussion should be posted on Guilds! Guilds! Guilds!)


The first Guild " The Originals " has been created! Congratulations for @Satan_II (Hawk oFatman), @eDave and @Sjeng!


Lol. That’s my normal faction in these things. (Mainly zombie browser games)


Now we need another team, so we can have a game…


Thanks @Arth, and for the record, I’m HawK oFatmaN, if anyone wondered :3

@eDave ; Arth has already said he is getting a team together, and Rosslessness is in the processes too. There’ll be another before you know it!


A new Guild has been created: " Mostly Harmless ". Check on the Guild’s Table.

(I liked that style to announcements! Came to it by accident…)


The first Guild Match has ended! It was a 20 days, 296 ticks head-on between The Originals and Mostly Harmless. Congratulations to Mostly Harmless for the victory! Details can be seen on


@Sjeng, @Satan_II, @eDave, thanks for the fun match. Since no other guilds showed yet, we may set a match with different commanders from our guild.


I’m back now, so will build this up.


A new Guild has been created: " Space School ". Check on the Guilds’ Table.