Hacked star names?

More of a lol than a concern, but I just joined a 64 way game and my home star has a rather atypical starting name: “gr33d wuz h3r3”. How does this happen?

A player with premium privileges joined the game, renamed the star, left before the game started, and now you are in that player’s vacated seat.

I hear the perp was last sighted sneaking around some freight trains with a backpack full of spray paint cans. :wink:

They appear to have done it here as well =( I just joined the latest 64 player game that is queuing up and found my starting stars with these names.

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Ah, makes sense. I didn’t know you could be replaced once you had joined/left a game.

This seems pretty uncool in a game that doesn’t require premium membership (and therefore the inability to fix the star names).

lol, yeah that’s not cool.

I feel like it would be a minor fix for the star names to revert to their original name (or to have a new standard name generated if the original name isn’t stored) when a player leaves the game. @JayKyburz?

Yes I should fix, @DrakanFyr should email me jay@ironhelmet.com and I will give you premium so you can fix them.

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and @AvacadoGuy too

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I’m already premium, so no issues. I just wanted to figure out what happened. My “violation” was not in poor taste like the other one.

Thanks for your attention!

I also have Premium so no problem fixing them…just wanted to make sure there was awareness that someone was playing a prank in rather poor taste.

For a moment I thought I had somehow pissed off @JayKyburz and he added code to specifically rename my planets any time I joined a game =P Glad that isn’t the case!