Hall of Fame for Players + Games

What if a game lasts over 3 months in a very competitive stalemate?
What if a player single handily defeated a massive coalition?
What if a player did the impossible and made a miracle?

I believe those players that did the impossible should be honored for their skills. It doesn’t have to be only one or two players. It could be an entire game as shown for the first example.

Wouldn’t it be cool if the epic games we played deserve some recognition?

That is what I’m suggesting, a Hall of Fame.

Here are some suggested rules that I would like to see, if the “hall of fame” does happen.
1)There will be X amount of judges to judge epic games. Each Judge will have a vote on that certain game. If one believes the game has potential, then that game takes a vote.
2)Games that gain a potential seat, because of judges must have an approval rating of 90% out of at least 30 votes. Most games should easily have an approval rating of 80%.
3)Jay and other moderators will then spectate and decide if the game deserves a seat for the Hall of Fame. Top players will be chosen from the game. Those who weren’t chosen will receive a small trophy for participating in the epic game. Must be active at the time of the judgement.

*Jay + Moderators will be able to look at each player’s channels. Thus the idea of watching your language is a good. Cursing is normal, but don’t put personal stuff even though they won’t mind. However, Jay and the Moderators has no right to interfere. Therefore for the moderators, it is simply a read to see what the situation is like.

If the specified game becomes popular enough to go on the web, then the moderators will ask for permission to expose what some players said in the channel. Of course, curse words and personal stuff will be censored for the public.

Jay + the Moderators might have a “moderator’s” version of badges. That would be a cool reward. Perhaps a custom skin dedicated by an artist for being in the Hall of Fame?

Hey Bill,

I think something like this is not crazy at all!

I would love to have some kind of page off the main menu that shows off the special players some how.

I wonder if we could simplify the idea. Perhaps once every 3 or 6 months or so so the community could just vote on it.

Perhaps players could just nominate a player with a fun story here on the forum explaining why teh player deserves it, and we can vote on whose story is best!


Perhaps may you start out with our game? It is of the highest quality, especially diplomacy that I had ever seen. I wrote at least 30 essays worth of diplomacy and its the only game that has so far kept me up for days and night. Neptune's Pride

I will tell you all about it if you are interested.

A hall of fame would be awesome - I always thought it would be a nice permanent feature within the game on the main menu based on victories / rank / renown - old school arcade style (although something would need to be done about the fact you can earn victories and rank against AI as per this thread: Earning victory points against AI)

I have nominations at the ready if it were to take that route though :sunglasses:

Its all open to abuse,but I guess we could do it? Certainly Jay could highlight players in the game news? We have a couple of programmers who have literally changed the face of NP. They’d be first on my list.

I’m Trensicourt, a proud member of my allies and friends, especially to those who had fallen for our survival.

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