Help me please

I accidentally quit out of the wrong 32 player match!!!

Ive got a great alliance and everythings going swimmingly and now ive abandoned them for literally no reason

please please please restore me in Iota Zaniah

Ive been playing for 3 years and love the game almost as much as the majority of the player base hate me

please please please

Restoring a player in a standard 32 player game has never been done before. Maybe you could PM @JayKyburz or send personal email to his address listed from the bottom of the join game screen. I do not know whether he can or would do it. GL

From inside the 32 player game that you quit out of, I think you may still be able to send diplomacy to let your allies know about your accident.

Karma is a bitch

Lol at the player base hate comment! I have to be honest and have heard your name mentioned between curses! I like that you acknowledge it and even enjoy it. This is a twisted game sometimes…
unlucky about the quitting situation. :pensive:

Sorry @Slicertos1. I never wrote any code to restore a player to one of the public games. If the game had not started I would be able to, I have a function to clear a list of players.

I never wrote this code because back in the olden days when NP was very popular I was worried people would basically ruin games by quitting then joining back up. Once you leave, all the other players change plans, dispatch fleets, and its not fair to them to have the player rejoin.

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