Help please...How to: Carrier Actions

I just started my first game! I would like to have different carriers take different actions. For example, I want 1 carrier to pick up all the ships on a star while another carrier garrisons another star. However, I can only find these actions under the options menu and it applies to all carriers. Is there a way to have different carriers take different actions simultaneously?

The Options menu only defines the default action for all carriers when you set your routing flight paths.

I usually prefer to set my carriers to default = Garrison 1.
This gives me a defense advantage at all stars that my carriers visit, and therefor reduces mouse clicks for my convenience.

If I want to plan a different action for that carrier at that star, then

click to select your carrier
click "View"
click "Show Action"
click "EDIT"
click on the ACTION drop down list, and make your selection.
click “OK”

This part requires your manual mouse clicks, because the computer can not anticipate you thoughts.

Great thanks!