Help with custom game star plotting

I have been trying to make a custom game and can’t seem to figure out how to plot my custom starting stars. If this topic has already been covered, please direct me to the relevant thread but after searching a couple different keywords, there doesn’t seem to be this topic.

The description for this game is:

A super virus has ravaged the galaxy. All surviving races have retreated to the center and walled off the rest of the infected universe–using an immense amount of resources in the process. In order to keep the peace, a treatise was formed that limited ship production and banned weapons research. Now, after eons behind the wall, there is no trace of the virus…repopulation is on the lips of the races and old rivalries are rekindled…

Basically I have been trying to make the 4 start stars as close together as possible, like in a square. The players all start really close together and have to expand outward to gain stars. The coordinates I have been trying to use are:

[2, 2], [2, -2], [-2, -2], [-2, 2]

Let me know if something is wrong with the way I parsed this out. I saw on the custom game settings that start stars “should” be at least 12 units away–does that mean they ‘have’ to be 12 units away or is that just a recommendation?

try this



That does not seem to work. I tried that as well as putting spaces after all the commas. I used to get a message saying that there was an error parsing out my starting stars, now it just says error three times.

Maybe it has something to do with the negative signs?

Sorry Ovyx, i may have broken it last week. I will have a look on monday morning.

Ahhhh Okay. Thank you

I got this working again.

The random star placement can be a little unfair though.

Thanks again.

Hmmmm…That does seem unfair. Maybe a symmetrical galaxy would yield fairer star placements. I’ll have to play around with it.