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Hi everyone,
I do not work at my son’s school but as a parent I ran the gaming unplugged club. (now with Covid we are plugged back in) So now I am trying to run a gaming club for kids with games all played online. I grew up playing Diplomacy and found Neptune’s pride a few years ago. I even played a game or two. I feel kids may be drawn more to NP than diplomacy. I can get them all to register and plan on buying a membership for myself to facilitate running the games. Play Diplomacy has a teacher’s account that lets them moderate chats between kids and the game as a whole.
Is there something like this for Neptune’s Pride? I am guessing no but it could not hurt to ask.

Thank you for putting the time in to making such an interesting game.

Gary Neumann


Hi Gary – I’m not sure if there’s a way to actively moderate chat in game. It’s more of an email system and once a message is sent it can’t be recalled. But yeah if you buy a membership for yourself you’re able to create private games, speed up or pause the game, reinstate AFK players.

That said I love the idea, I would’ve been all over a club that played NP in high school.

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Have them all join Discord as well. then do all your game chats there.

Thank you for the information. I was looking into teamspeak for games that are played at the same time and I started to look into discord, seams even easier to use and set up a server. I guess I can tell them to take screen shots if someone is acting inappropriately and action can be taken with that. (but that would never happen :wink: ).

we will see what happens when school starts up again.

thank you,

I have never heard of an account being able to do actions like that unless you are a moderator. Maybe you can create private servers with a specific name and see if you can contact a moderator to see if they could keep a more watchful eye over the chats? Or make like a rule to the kids that if they want to make a chat, that they should also include you in that chat as well so you can keep an eye over it yourself. Either way, I don’t think they can give you the permissions to do such actions yourself.