Hero Units with no place to spawn


I ran into an issue yesterday where I tried to spawn a card that I thought was a Dwarf card at a Dwarf settlement, but it turned out to be a Gryphon card.

Here’s the card:

I received this card in the middle of a multiplayer game from the Tavern. I got it from a Dwarf Pack pull. Saved up enough gold, then went to spawn, and that’s when I discovered I couldn’t.

Problem is… the map we’re on, have no Gryphon nests… Face Palm

So, a few suggestions:

1-A. If a card from a Tavern “Card Pack” pull has no possible place to spawn on the map. Let the user know that “This Card will have no spawn point at all on the current map, but feel free to take the card if you want it as your pick because you want to add it to your main collection.”

This leads me to this related suggestion…

1-B. When starting a new map… and the user is building their Hero Deck. If a card will not have a possible place to spawn anywhere on the map, display a warning to the user, “This Hero Unit will not have a possible place to spawn on this map.” (This is important because one of our players loaded her deck with Elf Cards, and we’re currently on a map with no Elves in sight.)

Another Suggestion:

'2. Specifically for the Gryphon Riders card… because it was obtained in a Dwarf Booster Pack, AND it DOES have a cool picture of a DWARF riding a Gryphon… perhaps some cards (like this special case) can be spawned from either Gryphon Nests, OR Dwarf Settlements. (It is a crazy high price for a unit, so maybe the cost plays into being able to spawn it from two types of locations?)

Which leads me to a related suggestion:

'3. Perhaps Maps can benefit from a new settlement type. As an example of fiction, I always liked the Council of Elrond from the Lord of the Rings. So perhaps each map could have a centralized “Council Hall” or “Alliance Lodge” or something where all types of units can be deployed. But only one player can own it, so you can either trade hands of who owns the settlement throughout the game, or a player who reallllly loves a unit type that’s not on the map can have an option to own it and spawn from it. For balance you could even set it towards the back away from the Blight front lines. (Again, just a suggestion.)

Ok I think this covers the points I wanted to make… now I gotta write a post about usability / quality of Life improvement request for the Master Builder unit. Peace! :wink:


Yes to 1-B. It’s really no fun not being able to play cards. I feel like I’m missing out and not being very helpful to my teammates. :frowning:


Thanks for all your feedback SpySat1. We really appreciate it and it will go a long way to helping us improve the game!

We have just overhauled the deck building screen at the start of a game and we are still working on finishing it off. Our previous screen did have some constraints that stopped you from taking cards that you couldn’t use, but we still need to integrate these into the new screen. But we will definitely have them again.

I agree with you about the Gryphon Riders and it’s something that we have talked about a lot and we are still trying to find a good solution for.

That’s an interesting idea about a Council settlement. We’ll have a talk about it!

Thanks again for your feedback and for testing the game!


Ah yes, that’s right, the new deck building interface at the start of a game. I was all ready to post a message saying “But there is already a warning and something that prevents you to pick a card type that can’t be spawned!” :blush:
I forgot about the new deck interface and admit I haven’t tried to pick a card a couldn’t play since that went into effect (since I am now familiar with that restriction and warning from before).


Hey @SpySat1, @IHG-BlightedPea and I talked about this heaps a while back.

At the time I think we decided you should just be allowed to deploy the monsters at the locations of the creatures in the packs you get them from.

It gets a little weird because you would effectively be converting a dwarf civilian into a gryphon. But I guess it’s magic so whatever.

I’m still looking for some good ideas about what makes the “monster riders” more interesting than the monsters themselves. I think they need to be both powerful and have some kind of cool spell they can cast.

Oh hey, I also wanted to add that I really liked some of your suggestions too.


Maybe “Monster Booster Card Packs” could be their own faction. Open up a common, uncommon, and rare tier for each monster next type.

I can see it now… Blue Dragons, White Dragons, Black Dragons… etc. :wink:


With that in mind… you could technically have each monster “nest” have it’s own set of booster cards. That way if you have a spider nest on the map… You could “Tavern” a Spider booster deck. get all sorts of spiders.

Black Widows, Tarantulas, Baby Spider Swarm, Trap Spiders, Shooting Spiders, Spiders that act as “Mounts” so load up followers and get ready for that 3 Hours / League by Road bonus! :wink:

Same for Giants, Ents, etc. Man, that would be fun to collect and mix and match.


Just a heads up.

About the time we discussed this, I changed it so you could just go ahead and a deploy any card you get out of a dwarf booter in a dwarf town (ie gryphons.), but today I rolled this back for a number of reasons.

Most significantly, because the monsters are big and powerfull and scary, and often flying, they make it too easy to bypass some of the weaknesses of a race, or a specific challenge in a map.

So for example, dwarves are supposed to be slow, but a player with lots of Gryphons in his collection could simply deploy them before the game starts in his home town, and just fly anywhere in the map at high speed.

From now on you will need to get out there and capture the gryphon locations before you can deploy the gryphons!

As a placeholder Ive added a warning on each monster, letting you know they need a specific settlement to spawn in.