Hey guys


Been away for a while.

Is the game still active?


Hey Greyham, Great to see you back.

I han’t played myself for a while. Not sure if there is much turnover of new games.

Hey Jay, how you been?

That’s a pity, is a great game. Working on anything else at the moment.

My “Day Job” right now is as a level builder on a first person shooter in a small team of mates from the Bioshock days. It’s not announced yet so I can’t say much more about it.

I also have a prototypes I wouldn’t mind some help play testing in the next few months. Sort of a cross between Clash Royal and Hearthstone.

I working a lot in the Unity Game engine these days.

Day Job sounds exciting, I’m intrigued! Let me know more when you are able to.

Let me know if you need any help with your prototypes, always happy to help test.

Going to get a BBB game going soon if you are interested.