Hide Enemy Info game setting

I would to have a game setting that would hide the stats of enemies. In an ideal world, I would want to choose which stats to see. The game setting could be called Show Enemy Stats with a default of ALL.

List of Show Enemy Stats options:

  • General - shows total star, total carrier, total ship, and new ship counts compared to yours.
  • Infrastructure – shows total economy, total industry, total science counts compared to yours.
  • Technology - shows all technology stats compared to yours.
  • ALL [default setting] - shows the enemy’s screen as it does currently. With all of the stats showing.

If you and the enemy enter a formal alliance, both players would see the stats of the other play until the alliance ended.

This is help keep some mystery in the game and would make formal alliances more strategic.

I would love this, it could add a lot of tension to games depending on what’s hidden

1 problem is hiding tech levels… how would the trading system work then?

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Here are two options that could work for allowing the trading system to stay in the game.

  1. Keep it the same. Still have the dropdown menu and send money area. If you want to send a stranger $$$ or give them tech, then that’s on you. I would also send a message to explain the gift. You would only see what tech you bested them in. So it’s still allows strategy.
  2. You could only show those two options (dropdown menu & send money) if you are in a Formal Alliance.