Hiring Buccaneers

Was there a change today where you can only buy one Buccaneer per ship per turn? Earlier today, I didn’t notice this feature, but now, I wanted to hire 2 buccaneers on this dredged ship I got, and I see that no other buccaneers are available to be hired after hiring the first.

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I’ve just noticed that too!

Ahh yes sorry. I should have given warning. I forgot that @IHG-BlightedPea added this yesterday.

Really? Wow, that will change the game so much!

Hmm. That’s got big implications for mid-late game. It’s going to make it exceptionally hard for someone to catch the Buccaneers point leader. I guess time will tell.

I’m not 100% sure it’s the right solution, but we’ll give it a test and see how it goes. I’m not minding it in testing so far.

It does make you think ahead a bit more, planning out which Buccaneers you will need in a few turns time. It also removes the element of surprise somewhat, which has good and bad sides to it.

It could make it harder to catch the Buccaneer leader, but it also slows down the leader (particularly if they have more resources too). The best way to catch them is to kill all their Buccaneers!

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I prefer to enslave their buccaneers. It’s more insulting. :smiling_imp::sunglasses: