Homemade - Advanced training topic videos

Someone may have done this already, but I keep seeing the same mistakes that can be avoided. So I am starting a video series of advanced topics. Take a peek and let me know thoughts and ideas to make them better.
First one - how to use combat calculator - real world examples:

Great video! I’d be very thankful if you’d make a similar one for using the combat calculator in my Neptune’s Pride Agent Chrome extension and if you do I will link your video directly from the landing page in the Chrome Web Store.

If you cover the combat calculator the key points are:

  • it only takes into account incoming fleet arrivals based on one hop for each fleet; so if you have a fleet coming in on attack or defence that is 2 or more hops away, you have to adjust with the game combat calculator; and
  • it does not take into account your or their weapons advances; you have to use the , or . hotkeys to give or get a weapons advantage in the calculation
  • if you want to see the detailed view you have to go to the long fleet report to see all of what’s happening (usually only necessary for multi-player/multi-fleet battles)
  • warp gate changes don’t take effect right away and can lead to misleading arrival times (a problem in the game itself)