Hound Master - what does he do?


I just unlocked the Hound Master! He looks awesome. I have no idea what he does though.

His art looks like this:

This is a great game! I’m gonna get with the coworkers on Monday and take this out for a multiplayer test drive! Many Thanks!

Bug - Orc Chariot flavor text has placeholder text present

Since it’s the beta, I think a lot of heroes are planned out but not finished coded yet without some bugs popping up. I have this card as well which is the same.


Penny and I were talking about the hound master. I have been holding off on a power for him because I was trying to think of a good way he could “track” or “hunt down” the zombies but I couldn’t work out what that means in the games rules.

I think instead we’ll make it so the dogs can chase off a single unit of zombies. Make them flee for a short amount of time.

We are also not sure about the Wing Warriors. (I think the might need a better name too)

I want to take my time and make good powers for the last few guys that need powers. There are only a handful.

I’d also like to make each of the banners have a power in addition to being a forward deploy point.


Maybe the tracking dog fiction could be something like, lowers the strength of all immortal units within a certain number of leagues. (Kinda like the guard dogs in Terminator. They know when a terminator is near and go crazy, which sets all the people nearby on extra alert.)


Maybe the Wing Warriors could be called something like “Swifthawk Runners”. By default they could have 4 Hours / League by Road… and any troops in their army will also gain 4 Hours / League by road. Use 'em as guides to quickly move your Dwarf units (And slowbie Troll Allies) to the front.)


I love the idea that the dogs are like a warning alarm like in Terminator. Thats a cool idea.

There is a mountain guide card that can show units how to move quickly though Mountain hexes but she is not super useful because you don’t often need to go marching through the mountains.

I might do something with the new Combat Experience stuff.