How do you pick your allies?


Just interested to know how other people go about this? Obviously starting positions play a huge part, but what else do you guys consider?

Generally I prefer to ally up with someone on the opposite side of the galaxy. I have had a couple of very successful alliances where you buddy up with your neighbour and steamroller the galaxy from one side to the other, but I usually spend the entire game paranoid about being stabbed in the soft underbelly of our unprotected borders.

What interests me lately is something that wasn’t possible until recently. The most recent game I joined, I put quite a big stock in a player’s Rank to Renown ratio. Most player you look at (beginners aside) it seems that usually the rank is higher than the renown, but where there’s a huge gap (like 200 rank and 50 renown for example) it makes me suspicious of their loyalty. I like to build strong alliances and stick with them. Obviously there’s no exact science in collecting renown, and different people might distribute it for different reasons… so am I barking up the wrong tree with this strategy?!

Why teamwork is important in games

This question has been a topic of debate for quite sometime. Using the recent explosion of the 64 man game as a backdrop, I put priority on allying with players I have had good experiences with. Also I like to have an alliance with maybe 1 new player or two and show the ropes (that way the 64 man community grows) on forming long term strategy and the importance of early reputation. Save the backstabbing for the end game because rumors do tend to go far. How do you pick your own allies ?


A high rank to renown ratio might indicate someone who spends a lot of time in newb/AI games. Rank is easily gamed, so I don’t pay it much attention.

The entry below is copied from another thread, you may find it relevant:

Suggestions to cement an alliance with a stranger, or a known backstabber, or a friend who you would rather not backstab:

  1. Ensure that your arrangement is mutually profitable, and that can you see it being that way until game end. Conversely, Mutual Assured Destruction can focus one’s attention powerfully.
  2. Trade, obviously. Trading weps is an act of faith.
  3. Vacating the shared border is essential, especially early game. If you catch a ship concentration on the next scan upgrade, assume the worst.
  4. Establish an NAP with a clear notice requirement.
  5. Ally if enabled. The notice requirement is hardcoded, and the scanning transparency is key.
  6. Communicate frequently, and reaffirm constantly your mutual dependency. If circumstances change, and both parties no longer need each other, assume the worst.


The objective of diplomacy is to avoid 1v1 battles and set up 2v1 wherever possible. The problem with an ally from across the board is that he can’t help you militarily, and he might not be able to trade in a trade scanned game. So most times you are forced to choose a neighbor you can trust.


depends on the kind of game. can swap tech with anyone? or does it have to be withing scanning range? if it is with anyone I look for old allies. if it is within scanning range I look for those that are close even if not within scanning range at the time. sometimes it’s an old player/friend/enemy that I has been around for a while and would like to team up so I reach out. sometimes it’s someone that is located close to me, and sometimes it depends on my mood.


Just now noticed the time stamp on the original post. 223 views, and not a single reply until now??!!


Jonin raised the dead.


Lol, it is a very interesting topic and something I have been contemplating. Cuddy raised some very good points and I like the his concepts. I also do believe that if an ally is “slowing” the whole alliance down whether by inactivity or just passing trades late or just bad militarily then it is OK to “find a replacement”. Maybe not what everyone agrees with but we can agree to disagree on that. I have also played with complete new players who picked up the game very quickly and were just as good as any one.


wfmcgillicuddy4h : “Just now noticed the time stamp on the original post. 223 views, and not a single reply until now??!!”

…yeah, it seems like an eternity since I posted this, and at the time I was quite surprised no-one responded as I thought it was an interested topic. I’ve played a shed load of games since April 2014, and now I normally try and have a brief chat with a few possibilities, and then go off my initial vibe before picking… in case anyone actually cares! :see_no_evil:

I’d like to start playing the forum regulars more often… think I’ve only played Golden_Ace & wfmcgillicuddy once before… can’t remember what your in-game alias is though.


I’m in this one


Would like to join a STAR FEDERATION GAME for whoever devised it. I don’t mind been on the STAR fed side helping with tech distribution and been a pacifist. Also with commentaries from start to finish will be awesome.