How does Research, Ship Arrival, and Production Timing work?

I’m back after more than 5 years and have some questions that I couldn’t find answered, could anyone here help me?

  1. I send a fleet to take a star and it arrives at the same time as the new Cycle. Does the fleet arrive before the cycle ticks over? (Letting me gain that science and manufacturing for that production tick.) Or does the cycle tick over and then the fleet arrives?

  2. I’m researching Weapons and it will finish in 4 hours. My fleet also arrives at the enemy planet in 4 hours. Does Weapons get upgraded before the ships arrive? Or does my fleet arrive and enter combat before my Weapons are upgraded?

  3. I’m researching Banking/Experimentation and it finishes at the same time as the next Cycle. Do I gain the Banking/Experimentation bonus for that day?

All of my questions are pretty much about the same thing. What’s the order at which things happen at production tick/cycle start?

Thanks! :slight_smile:



Huh, I thought I looked through all of the in-game help section, but I guess I missed that! Thanks for posting it!

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