How hard is it to get a game going here?


Okay first of all please no fanboy posts or attacks. I have played one “starter” game so far and enjoyed it even if most of the players quit fairly quickly, and only 1 was willing to have any dialogue with me at all.

And that first game took almost a day from joining till it actually started.

Most of the custom games on here want premium players only, and I was considering becoming a premium player but my finances are tight and I don’t want to spend the money if it turns out that it is nearly impossible to get into a decent game without having a set group of friends to play with.

No offense to Jay, this game is really interesting and well worth supporting, and if I wasn’t living off a fixed income I would go premium just to encourage him and others like him to keep trying this sort of thing, but my finances aren’t there anymore.

So, all you veterans out there, do random games fire off pretty regularly? Ive seen several posts on the forums here asking for players for a week or more after the game is created. Is that normal? Or just bad/unpopular settings?


some settings are more popular than others, and the settings here are often very experimental.

Small games, in real time, with 4 or so players fill up very quickly.


As Ross says, an 8 player game will fill up pretty rapid, a 32 player game with ‘interesting’ settings may take a week to fill. You can just join the standard games if you want one that will fill quick.

The reason a lot of custom games ask for premium only is that reduces the amount of drop outs and quitters.


Cool, thats what i was trying to find out. Thanks guys :smiley: Look forward to facing you on the field of battle!