How is Valor distributed btw players?

In combats involving more than one player’s forces, how is valor distributed?
Sure doesn’t seem to be based on how much strength each player’s forces contributed…

It’s based on how many kills each player did. You can check this at the very bottom of the combat log.

If you have more troops strength you will have more chances at killing more units I think, but it’s still RNG based so someone with less units might get more kills. I’m not 100% sure how the RNG works on determining kills but I’m guessing it would be something like each unit get assigned a random number and the highest number gets the kill attributed to them.

So if you’re fighting a very small number of units that have really large Strength, the valour distribution might be a little weird. So you might only win the kill of 1 out of 3 different Hydras coming to attack you even if you have like double the STR of the other players that are fighting.

That’s helpful, thanks!